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SVG support on Android WebKit


SVG support on Android WebKit

Webkit already supports SVG (Safari, Chrome). Unfortunately, Android specifically disables SVG from the build step of Webkit

Enabling SVG on Android WebKit goes slow

SVG Tiny viewer

SVG Open

SVGT Tool for android

SVGT Animation spec.

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  1. 10/14/2010 09:22

    Sorry, I don’t understand. You are saying that i can use SVG on Android? I need to put a SVG file on my application, how i can do that.
    Webkit is ready to work with this kind of file? I need to implement this, and i don’t find anything free or open-source to use.
    Can you help me?

    • heejindev permalink*
      10/17/2010 23:07

      If you customize & build your own webkit on android, then you can support it. But it looks like you don’t want to go that way. I found libsvg project, But I haven’t tried it myself.

  2. Aejay permalink
    12/08/2010 10:56

    Has anyone tried that libsvg library? I’m wanting to create an android app for my web comic, and would like to serve the images as SVGs for the device to draw. It’s not absolutely necessary; I could resort to just displaying them as scaled images. But I think it would look a lot better to have them vector.

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