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WebCore Directory Structure


WebCore Directory Structure


bindings – houses the language-specific bindings for JavaScript and for Objective-C. It has two subdirectories, js and objc. The files that move here will come from khtml/ecma, ksvg/ecma, and also ksvg/bindings. Ultimately these language-specific bindings will be auto-generated from IDL files.

bridge – Bridge is about the bridging to the WebKit framework.

page – Code for the top-level page and frames. Was originally the khtml part and khtml view. We will be making this more abstract so that it can be bridged to either WebKit or another abstraction like the khtml part.

platform – Contains much of the engine-level plumbing (code from khtml/misc and kwq). This code will have platform-specific subdirectories, e.g., mac. Other ports can have their own subdirectories (Qt, GTK, Win32, etc.).

css – The CSS back end. This is consolidated from khtml/css and ksvg2/css.

editing – The editing infrastructure. This is moving from khtml/editing.

html – The HTML DOM. This is moving from khtml/html.

loader – Files that used to be in khtml/misc dealing with subresource loading.

svg – The SVG DOM. This is moving from ksvg2/svg.

xsl – Support for XSLT stylesheets. Moving from khtml/xsl.

xml – The XML DOM (base classes for the HTML+SVG DOMs). Moving from khtml/xml.


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