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Howto build sdk from Android source code


$cd {Android Root}
$. ./build/
$lunch 1
$make sdk

You can refer to these documents in Android directory.
{Android Root}/devlopement/docs/howto_build_SDK.txt

{Android Root}/devlopement/docs/howto_use_cupcake_sdk.txt

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  1. 11/20/2009 03:44

    Hi, I just wanna ask, how do you get . ./build/ ?
    I’ve just done pull source from server, but the directory that I’ve got only two which are platform and tools. Both only contains *.git file.

    Could you help me ?

  2. walidix permalink
    03/07/2010 15:09

    Thanks, useful informations but I’have a question.
    Did you have any idea about the build of external native C/C++ library

  3. MikeW permalink
    04/05/2011 08:44

    For clarity that should rather be:
    source build/

  4. Vinit Kumar permalink
    06/12/2012 16:54

    For creating a sdk follow below steps:

    step 2: source build/
    step3: lunch sdk-eng
    step4: make sdk


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